Why to Hire a Pinterest Manager as a blogger?

Exploring Pinterest as a blogger can be not as easy as many bloggers and entrepreneurs think. In 2016 Pinterest was less competitive, but Pinterest is crowded in 2024. Its potential to drive organic (free) traffic and increase visibility is still working and it is a must-have marketing tool for every blogger or entrepreneur providing services (and with rich blog content on their sites). So, here is why to hire a Pinterest manager as a blogger and entrepreneur (expert ideas from a Pinterest Manager):

  1. It is Time-Saving: Pinterest is very time-consuming as a marketing tool. Hiring a Pinterest Manager can free up valuable time for bloggers, entrepreneur and online business owners. And they can be focused on creating more engaging content for their audience. Content is King, so this should be the focus of each blogger!
  2. Mastering Pinterest Strategies: The expertise that a Pinterest Manager can bring to a table is a game-changer. Such as knowledge of the current Pinterest algorithm, SEO optimization and using best practices to grow the blog traffic and engagement.
  3. Daily Pinterest Management: Consistent pinning and scheduling, maintaining a steady flow of content on Pinterest with the goal to increase traffic, can be frustrating! Pinning without a good organization and strategy is a waste of time on Pinterest. By hiring a Pinterest Manager you will never do this again! Being in a good and expert hands is the best solution to grow!
  4. Custom Pinterest Strategy: building and implementation: it is very important to have personalized Pinterest strategy tailored to the blogger’s niche, target audience and content goals. This is something which your Pinterest manager will make in the very beginning.
  5. Tracking and Analytics: monitoring analytics and tracking the performance is essential to make result-driven decisions for the Pinterest strategy day to day. This is the main work of each Pinterest Manager and Strategist.
  6. Staying Updated with Pinterest Trends and Algorithms: A good Pinterest Manager stays abreast of the latest Pinterest trends and algorithm changes. This will ensure that the blogger’s account remains relevant and competitive on the platform.
  7. Scaling the Business: A Pinterest Manager allows bloggers and entrepreneurs to scale their online business and reach new audience on a way that they couldn’t do it alone.
  8. ROI and Growth metrics: Potential return of the investment (ROI) and long-term growth benefits of hiring a Pinterest Manager is one of the most important result. By delegating something you are not an expert in, will bring success faster and long-term.
  9. Case Studies and Success Stories: It is essential to explore any case studies and success stories in order to see the value and impact of the Pinterest manager services. For example, here is one case study of mine with a food blogger: socialmarketingnest.com/my-pinterest-marketing-tips-and-pinterest-traffic-case-study/ ;
  10. Blog Monetization: It is easier to monetize your blog when you are an expert in what you do. You don’t need to be an expert in Pinterest marketing. By hiring a Pinterest Manager you will earn more money long-term. This is easy and cheaper marketing option for almost all niche bloggers. This is how you can make sense in the crowded Pinterest network! Let’s make it together!

I will be happy to support and help you in your Pinterest journey in 2024!

About the author:

Stiliyana Stoycheva – Pinterest Manager, Strategist and Consultant located in Varna, Bulgaria

Helping entrepreneurs worldwide with their internet marketing strategy, specializing in Pinterest marketing for bloggers. She has solid experience behind her with hundreds of clients from all over the world, helping them with highly successful and result oriented Pinterest management services. She has studied the Pinterest platform in detail for the last 7 years and has tested various strategies for maximum performance.

For more questions, help with all kind Pinterest services, please feel free to reach her out here or via LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/socialmarketingnest/!

Here are a few ways I can support you as a Pinterest Manager with Pinterest marketing help:

  • Building Personalized Pinterest strategy, updated for 2024 as a one-time project (implemented by you);
  • One-time Pinterest account set up, optimization or Pinterest audit clean up (done for you one time service);
  • Custom Pinterest Canva Templates creation based on your content with a problem-solution model;
  • Pinterest one-time consultation with tips for growth in 2024 for your blog – in a pdf file with easy to implement steps by you;

If you are a Pinterest Manager looking for help with your blogger client’s accounts, reach me out here to check if I can help you with a fresh strategy for your clients.