Client’s Success Story for Pinterest Marketing: Pinterest Traffic Case Study for bloggers

As a Pinterest marketing manager for bloggers, I had received a lot of questions on how to grow organic traffic with Pinterest in 2023-2024. I have seen numerous Pinterest accounts struggle to generate a substantial number of outbound clicks, which is a significant concern for a lot of Pinterest users. At the same time, most bloggers are reaching out to me with the questions like – how long take to see traffic growth with Pinterest, what kind of traffic we can expect over time and is it worth the investment?

To answer all these questions, let me share a brief case study here: the individual food blog who manages its Pinterest account in-house approached me for Pinterest marketing consultation because they were only receiving approximately 2000-4000 outbound clicks per month, despite managing the account for more than a year and struggling to drive consistent growth. Here is what happened when we start to implement my updated organic Pinterest strategy for the last year.

Important notice: this results are example results, each blog is different and what is working for one, can be not working well for other. However, there are several ideas you can take from this case study and implement by your Pinterest strategy!

Subsequently, they handed over the Pinterest account management to me on February 2023. It has now been 12 months since then, and the account has already accumulated an impressive total of over 13 000 outbound clicks.

We are still working hard to keep and grow even more this Pinterest growth and here is how the Pinterest organic traffic looks so far:

When they assigned the account to me, there was monthly traffic of a little over 4000 clicks.

So here is what we have by months of consistent and hard work so far:

Before management (start base) – 4316 clicks

After 1st month – 4610 clicks
After 2nd month – 5072 clicks
After 3rd month – 4568 clicks
After 4th month – 4637 clicks
After 5th month – 5582 clicks
After 6th month – 6660 clicks
After 7th month – 6952 clicks
After 8 month – 8300 monthly clicks
After 9 month – 9500 monthly clicks

After 10 months – over 10 000 monthly clicks

After 11 months – over 11 000 monthly clicks

After 12 months – over 13 000 monthly clicks

As you can see the more significant and growing traffic is coming 6-9 months of consistent Pinterest Management. During the first 6 months we saw the potential and there was growth and even a little drop while we adopted the new strategy, but the significant Pinterest growth is coming during 6-9 months of management. I always said that there is no magical traffic growth, a lot patience and consistency are needed (and a lot of work). But I am expecting to see around 12 000 monthly clicks from this account by the end of the year, so it well worth the wait!

Here is what you can do if you need regular and consistent organic Pinterest traffic in 2024 (my professional Pinterest tips) and basically how I basically manage the growth for this blogger:

  • Do keyword research all the time and use Pinterest trends feature to figure out what is currently working on Pinterest now. The main issues I am seeing with my Pinterest clients as a Pinterest manager are related to keywords, so this is number one tip. Pinterest is a search engine for evergreen content, but there are some trends to follow over time. Make sure you are with these trends by using the right keywords;
  • Add these keywords on a natural way in your new pins: update your Pinterest titles, Pinterest descriptions to all your pins and update your Pinterest boards;
  • Add on a daily basis new pins related to the most trending now blog posts from your blog (using Pinterest trends feature). There is no need to pin tons of pins each week, 10-15 newly added per week are totally enough if they match the trends;
  • Let’s make the Pinterest improvements together! Hire me to fix your Pinterest marketing and management strategy!

My service is completed and full Pinterest monthly management (organic strategy) – there is no need for you to do anything.

Good to know about Pinterest is that it is not a platform that can drive fast and overnight traffic, but your level of exposure through Pinterest compared to other platforms is well worth the wait!

I personally care for each of my client’s accounts and because my time is limited, I can’t take every project, just one or two per month. My focus are bloggers and traffic driven Pinterest strategy for blogging in almost any niche.

Here are a few ways I can support you with Pinterest marketing help:

  • Building Personalized Pinterest strategy, updated for 2024 as a one-time project (implemented by you);
  • Monthly Pinterest Management on a long-term for more than 6 months (done for you monthly Pinterest management service – this is my main service).
  • One-time Pinterest account set up, optimization or Pinterest audit clean up (done for you one time service);
  • Custom Pinterest Canva Templates creation based on your content with a problem-solution model;
  • Pinterest one-time consultation with tips for growth in 2024 for your blog – in a pdf file with easy to implement steps by you;

If you are a Pinterest Manager looking for help with your blogger client’s accounts, reach me out here to check if I can help you with a fresh strategy for your clients.

To see more about me and my work with other bloggers, you can check my testimonials here. Feel free to contact me for all things Pinterest help here!

Here is my LinkedIn for a quick connection and help:

I will be happy to support and help you in your Pinterest journey in 2024!

About the author:

Stiliyana Stoycheva – Pinterest Manager, Strategist and Consultant located in Varna, Bulgaria

Helping entrepreneurs worldwide with their internet marketing strategy, specializing in Pinterest marketing for bloggers. She has solid experience behind her with hundreds of clients from all over the world, helping them with highly successful and result oriented Pinterest management services. She has studied the Pinterest platform in detail for the last 7 years and has tested various strategies for maximum performance.

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