Expert Pinterest Tips and Tricks for Bloggers in 2024

Pinterest is still a great and smart way for exposure in 2024 for blogs, because it is still a very popular search engine! As a Pinterest Manager and Expert with over 7 years of experience in Pinterest marketing for bloggers, I often receive questions from bloggers in almost all niches on how to use Pinterest as a blogger right now. But some Pinterest strategies from the past are dated and not working anymore. Of course, the idea is ALAYWS the same: to grow audience and drive extra organic search traffic. Pinterest is here to help, but not every blogger will be successful in 2024. Here are my expert Pinterest tips and tricks for bloggers in 2024:

  1. 2024 Pinterest Algorithm Update: In 2024, people are very, very busier than ever and they are looking for EASY and QUICK solutions. Pinterest knows this. Remember it! Your blog is providing solutions, right?  Your content is helpful, informative, detailed, specific, different and perhaps even evergreen? If not, make it! For example if you are a food blogger creating recipes by any main categories (like breakfast, lunch or dinner), create more categories which are more specific as names (by ingredients, by season, by occasion and so on). The good news are that the Pinterest algorithm is different and a lot better in 2024 to rank the best optimized content ONLY: it will show your content because someone will look for exactly this! In general, the algorithm is improved to show the most relevant pins more quickly.
  • Utilizing Pinterest Trends for Pinterest SEO optimization in 2024: Use Pinterest Trends feature to make sure you are using the most popular search trends currently and keywords in your Pinterest SEO optimization! Use the growing trends, but check their growth regularly.
  • Optimizing Pins for Engagement in 2024: If your content is specific, you can create endless number of pins about each blog post which are problem-solution focused. Showing the problem and providing solution is what people are looking for. Pinterest algorithm is ranking your pins regarding “problem-solution” model too. For example, if you are health and wellness blogger, you can focus on the different health issues you are talking about in details with your blog posts and show the solution in your pins by using “call to action” message.
  • Pinterest SEO Strategy in 2024: Create your pins smart, not hard! The algorithm will understand your blog content and show your most relevant pins in front of the right people ONLY if you are very, very specific: think about “long-tail keywords” implemented in your Pinterest SEO. Forget about 2-3 long word phrases, use 5-6 and more related words as keywords. Implement them as text overlays in your pin image and pin title + pin description on a natural way.
  • Pinterest Content and Strategy Optimization in 2024: Pinterest will support your well optimized pins – people will find you exactly because they will look for a solution like your content (specific blog posts). This is what will make them to click on your pin – again, the specific problem-solution keywords you are using to attract them as a new audience! For example, I am seeing that Pinterest pinners and users are getting more specific with their Pinterest searches before they click and come to your blog.
  • Manual Pinterest SEO optimization in 2024 vs AI: There is nothing wrong by using AI (like Chat GPT) to create optimized pin titles and descriptions, but providing your personal touch and authority, is what Pinterest will rank higher. Tons of content is producing daily with AI, but QUALITY and AUTHORITY is what matters in Pinterest algorithm ranking. Think about creating pins related to your case studies.
  • Engaging Pins in 2024: Create new pins which are totally fresh and specific. Always prioritize pins related to content that offers unique perspective not yet explored by other bloggers! Or create pins that are different than your competitors!
  • Utilizing Your Pinterest Analytics: The most important is always to know what your best engaged blog posts are so far and to create even more relevant pins related to them. Use the long tail keywords system to create smart new pins!


It is easier to monetize your blog when you are an expert in what you do. You don’t need millions of followers or traffic from Pinterest, you need to win ONLY those clicks which are the most relevant, specific and trusted to your content. Focusing on organic Pinterest marketing can be easy and cheaper marketing option for almost all niche bloggers. This is how you can make sense in the crowded Pinterest network! If you don’t know how to exactly implement the above, let’s make it together!

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About the author:

Stiliyana Stoycheva – Pinterest Manager, Strategist and Consultant located in Varna, Bulgaria

Helping entrepreneurs worldwide with their internet marketing strategy, specializing in Pinterest marketing for bloggers. She has solid experience behind her with hundreds of clients from all over the world, helping them with highly successful and result oriented Pinterest management services. She has studied the Pinterest platform in detail for the last 7 years and has tested various strategies for maximum performance.

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