Are you making these mistakes using Pinterest for your business?

When it comes about Pinterest marketing for business, people often are confused. Some of them are coming from Facebook and look for organic traffic opportunities, which Pinterest can provide on autopilot. Here I will share the most common mistakes which are making when using Pinterest for business:

Mistake number one is when you are looking at your traffic statistic every day or week expecting your traffic to explode.  To drive organic /free/ traffic using Pinterest organic strategy may take time – 6 + months because the time is a HUGE factor on Pinterest.

But the more time your pins are on Pinterest, the more traffic they will drive! Because your pins will be live forever, not like on the rest social media – just a few days. Since you are not limited by your followers on Pinterest, and your content is evergreen, Pinterest is the perfect platform to gain access to thousands of potential customers outside your social community.

On Pinterest, your audience comes to you all-organically, through finding your content in their search results, category feeds, and home feeds. They will find you because they are looking for content that will inspire them to plan and organize their future purchases.

Pinterest, at its core, is a building platform that grows at a rate of 1% – 3%. This means that every day of progress compounds on the progress from the day before, at a slow and steady pace. This is not a platform that can drive “magic traffic” overnight, but your level of exposure through Pinterest compared to other platforms is well-worth the wait!

So, instead of looking every day or week, try to look at your statistics for the traffic once a month.

Mistake number two is when you do not look at your Pinterest analytics data enough deep. Pinterest provides you great data! This can be your tool to define your right Pinterest strategy.

For example, you can see who your audience is by many criteria – country, age or even interests. Knowing who your audience is, will let you create the right content to attract your target.

Even more – you can use this information when creating paid ad /promoted pin/ and target the right people who will engage with your content.

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Mistake number three is when you start with the paid ads on Pinterest, without giving a try to the organic strategy. If you are new to Pinterest and are coming from Facebook, you should know that Pinterest is not Facebook!

Think on Pinterest more like Google – as a search engine. On Google, you can pay for ads, but you can also SEO optimize your content and drive organic /free/ traffic.

This is Pinterest!

You have to start using it with the organic strategy to see the performance of your different pins and after few months adding the paid ads to your strategy, promoting the best “organic” pins if you want additional and faster targeted traffic.

Mistake number four is when you are not working with a pro.

Okay, I know when you start your business, you are with a limited budget. That is why you have the choice – to invest in a Pinterest manager or to learn more about Pinterest by yourself.

Keep in mind, Pinterest education is a time-consuming process. From my experience more than 2 years and working with dozens of businesses in many niches, I still learn!

Implementing the right strategy requires understanding how Pinterest works and always knowing how the algorithm changes to adapt faster. To see results from Pinterest you have to be patient and consistent!

Starting and managing your own business will take all your time if you are serious about it! Outsourcing to experts some of the marketing tasks can help you to grow fast and is the best decision you can take for your business!

I always tell my clients that if they plan to grow their business through Pinterest, they have to be ready to work at least 6 months, even more. But if you make your smart investment and work with a pro, this will return your money for sure!

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