How to Promote a Food Blog on Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the most powerful tool for promoting a food blog. Actually, Pinterest was very popular in the past as a recipe sharing network. But today Pinterest is crowded with recipe pins. To make a difference, you need to know the algorithm changes and adopt all the time. In this guide, as a Pinterest Manager focused on food blogs, I will share actionable strategies to promote your food blog effectively on Pinterest in few steps:

  • SEO optimization: Pinterest is a search engine and SEO optimization of your profile name, your bio, your board names and your pins description matter! Start the optimization process with a clear and mouthwatering cover of some of your recipes, captivating profile picture and SEO optimized title and bio. Talk directly to your audience by using long tail keywords. Name your boards with long tail keywords to target the right audience for you – not just using your recipe categories from your site, but put more details and sense. The most food blogger’s accounts I’ve seen on Pinterest, actually underrate the SEO optimization.  
  • Create mouthwatering pins: Pinterest is a visual network. Your pin design matters, especially when it comes to a food pin! But there is something even more important – use text overlays. Pinterest can read the text, so keywords are important part of your visual design too. In the near future, when uploading a new pin, an AI will assist you for creating keyword rich pin descriptions (I can see that this is already available for some accounts). To use all advantages of the AI assistant, you need to create smart pins with SEO optimized text on them. So, do not post just your recipe pictures directly from your blog with no text overlays, create pins showing texts instead – what kind of recipe is this, and think on how to attract your audience with this text. Such as: ready for less than 10 minutes, with only few ingredients or mention that it is suitable for busy people. Remember that your recipe pins are talking directly to your audience, so tell them why your recipe is different. Include call to action message like – “try it now, it is super easy to make”! It is time-consuming process, but it worth to make it.
  • Make keyword research: Keywords are the key to making your pins discoverable on Pinterest. A keyword research in Pinterest Trends feature will help you to identify popular search terms and phrases with words in the food niche to use in your pins. Seasons matter for the recipe blogs on Pinterest trends, so what works in fall, will not work in spring. Avoid pinning of seasonal recipes outside the season and pin evergreen recipes suitable for all seasons instead. Some trends are stronger than others – for example I’ve seen “quick and easy chicken recipes for dinner” as one of the best trends over time and more specific trends like “super bowl party food” to appear in spring and summer. As a Pinterest manager focusing on food bloggers, I always start with strong analyses of the trends working currently and their changes over time.
  • Pinterest Strategy: it is very important to have your own Pinterest strategy tailored to your food niche. Consistent pinning is what will make your food account active and engaged. Pin at least 2 new fresh recipe pins each day. Use Tailwind to create your own schedule and to contribute with other food bloggers on Tailwind Communities. Create more pins related to the most popular recipes from your blog first, and after create pins for the rest recipes by experimenting with different keywords for each different pin.
  • Tracking and Analytics: monitoring analytics and tracking the performance is essential to make result-driven decisions for the Pinterest strategy day to day. Always make sure you are tracking which pins are having better performance and repeat them as visual and keyword similar look. Pay attention to metrics like engagement (mostly saves) and clicks to know what recipes are more attractive to your audience. Use this data to update your Pinterest strategy regularly.


Pinterest marketing for a food blog can be very time consuming process. It requires strong knowledge and experience. Plus, keep in mind that it takes around 6-9 months to establish a good traffic to your food blog. But only with consistent pinning and active work day to day. If you need to stay focused on your food blog content and management, let me help you with Pinterest!

I will support and help you in your Pinterest journey as a food blogger in 2024 with a pleasure!

About the author:

Stiliyana Stoycheva – Pinterest Manager, Strategist and Consultant located in Varna, Bulgaria

Helping bloggers (mostly food niche), but also other entrepreneurs worldwide with their internet marketing strategy, specializing in Pinterest marketing. She has solid experience behind her with hundreds of clients from all over the world, helping them with highly successful and result oriented Pinterest management services. She has studied the Pinterest platform in detail for the last 7 years and has tested various strategies for maximum performance.

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