How to Promote a Beauty and Skincare Brand or Blog on Pinterest

According to one research, Pinterest is the first choice when someone is looking for a content which is beauty and skincare related. If you are a beauty and skincare brand which is providing also beauty tips and tricks as helpful resources and blog content, Pinterest can be one of the most powerful tools for promoting a beauty brand or blog. But Pinterest is crowded with beauty content and it is full of competition. To make a difference, you need to know the algorithm changes and adopt all the time. In this guide, as an experienced Pinterest Manager, I will feature the importance of effective Pinterest marketing strategy to reach your target audience as a beauty and skincare brand or blog on Pinterest in few steps:

SEO Optimization for easy discovery: Pinterest is a search engine and SEO optimization of your profile name, your bio, your board names and your pins description matter! Pinterest is visual, right? And you, as a beauty brand or blog knows that visual matters! So, start the optimization process with a clear and beautiful cover of your brand, captivating profile picture and SEO optimized title and bio. Talk directly to your audience by using long tail keywords. Name your boards with long tail keywords to target the right audience for you – not just using your product categories from your site, but put more details and sense. Add inspirational boards for your audience. Putting your name there on the right way is the first impression for any Pinterest user you will attract. 

Create Stunning Visual Pins: Again to remind, that Pinterest is a visual network and mostly women are using it to browse for a beautiful content. So, your pin design matters! But there is something even more important – do not just post pictures with products, this will look too “salesy”. Instead, use lifestyle images with people using your products and most importantly use text overlays. By creating pins, ask yourself, what kind of beauty problems you are solving with your product / service / blog post exactly and provide the solution. For example, if you are solving acne problems with your beauty product or blog post, focus on lifestyle image showing this problem and add text such as: “Are you sick of looking for the right skincare for your acne?”. Remember that your beauty pins are talking directly to your audience, so tell them why you and your solution are different. Include call to action message like – “try it now, you will be surprised to see the result”! It is time-consuming process to put the problem-solution text as keywords, but it worth to make it.

Make keyword research of what is trending now for the beauty and skincare niche: Keywords are the key to making your pins discoverable on Pinterest. A keyword research in Pinterest Trends feature will help you to identify popular search terms and phrases with words in the beauty niche to use in your pins. Examples of growing trends are “natural skin care solutions” and as a whole “skincare solutions” is a very popular trend on Pinterest. As a Pinterest manager, I always start with strong analyses of the trends working currently and their changes over time.

Pinterest Beauty and Skincare Strategy: Having your own Pinterest strategy tailored to your beauty niche is essential! The goal is to drive as much as engagements and traffic as you can, and make your visitors buyers or loyal audience. Pinterest likes the blog content and the pinners are loving to find detailed information to solve their problems. By creating blog posts about your brand, services or products, you are adding value to your content. My strategy is to pin more blog content where is explained what advantages can expect a buyer from your brand, rather than direct product content saying just “Shop now!”. Create more pins related to the most popular blog pins (you can check your Google analytics to see this), and after create pins for the rest blogs by experimenting with different keywords for each different pin.

Measure and Analyze Performance: This is part of the advanced Pinterest strategy! To be able to make result-driven decisions for the Pinterest strategy day to day, you need to track what is working and what not. Pay attention to metrics like engagement (mostly saves) and clicks to know what pins are more likely to engage with your audience. Use this data to update your Pinterest strategy day to day.

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Pinterest marketing can be very time consuming process if you do it yourself. It requires strong knowledge and experience. Plus, keep in mind that it takes around 6-9 months to establish a good traffic to your beauty and skincare brand or blog. But you need to be consistent and very patient! If you need to stay focused on your business and management, let me help you with Pinterest!

I will support and help you in your Pinterest journey in 2024 with a pleasure!

About the author:

Stiliyana Stoycheva – Pinterest Manager, Strategist and Consultant located in Varna, Bulgaria

Helping bloggers, but also other entrepreneurs worldwide with their internet marketing strategy, specializing in Pinterest marketing. She has solid experience behind her with hundreds of clients from all over the world, helping them with highly successful and result oriented Pinterest management services. She has studied the Pinterest platform in detail for the last 7 years and has tested various strategies for maximum performance.

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