Top proven tips to use Pinterest marketing for business in 2021

Diving into the sea of information on how to master your Pinterest marketing strategy may be confusing and time-consuming! If you are content creator looking for smart way to use Pinterest as your traffic driven source, this short and helpful guide is for you! It will give you the best ideas on how to do your Pinterest marketing on the best possible way in 2021 and what you should know about Pinterest in 2021!

As a Pinterest marketing manager with over 4 years of experience with Pinterest strategies, I have to say that Pinterest SEO is one of the most important tactics to success with Pinterest long-term for your online business or blog. But! There is one huge “but”! This is not enough! Back in 2015-2016 and before this may be enough good Pinterest strategy to use only, but in 2021 we have a lot more content creators on Pinterest (aka competition) and Pinterest is one crowded will all types of businesses and niches place. Today almost every business in almost any niche is on Pinterest to reach new audience. To find low competitive and good keywords to build your Pinterest SEO and business presence in 2021 is not so easy. You need to be more creative to build your perfect Pinterest SEO. Let me share with you my top tips and secrets J Keep reading below!

In 2020 Pinterest has added new features and tools to make this process a little bit easier for non-professional marketers. To keep your pins engaged you will need to use them.

To find what the most engaged content on Pinterest is NOW, go on Pinterest analytics and choose “Trends”. You will see a lot of trending content from other pinners and possibly your competition. You will also have better ideas and suggestions for trending keywords – what people are looking for in this moment on Pinterest? What keywords they are using? Now, it is your turn – use these ideas for trending and engaged content and create new pins. If you don’t have such content – make it! Now is the time to use Pinterest Trends as your “investigation” secret to find engaged content and best keywords for your Pinterest SEO in 2021.

It is important also not to be scary to use the rest new features from Pinterest. Take a look at the Pinterest Story pins. They are similar to Facebook and Instagram Story pins – excellent way to visualize your content on a new way and find new engaged audience.

Another to know in 2021 to master your Pinterest marketing strategy is to use actively video content. Similar to YouTube, Pinterest is offering great opportunity to grow your business awareness with videos. You have a few options – to use directly your YouTube or TikTok videos or to create special video pins in vertical shape, just to use in Pinterest. In my experience with different clients of mine about Pinterest marketing, when we started to add video pins, there was immediate explosion of Pinterest impressions. My experiment was showing that better performance is having the vertical short videos with texts overalls compared to direct YouTube videos. I know what you are thinking – what if you don’t have video content at all? I have one secret to share with you with a pleasure! Here is what work for me and my clients: create animated short pins by using your pictures and some kind of animated symbols. Like moving arrows, blinking texts and letters and so on! Go on Canva and see their gorgeous examples of animated templates and create your own very fast and easy! No needs to have videos, animated pins are working perfectly! Just add them on Pinterest and see what will happen!

I can’t wait to hear from you – did you test my secrets? Are they working for you? Try now and let me know here:

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