How we attract more than 1500 people monthly from Pinterest to our online shop totally organic and without paid ads!

Do you wonder is it possible to drive totally free traffic to your site? Do you consider Pinterest as a marketing platform to grow your business? If yes, this success story is for you! Keep reading here how we attract more than 1500 people monthly from Pinterest.

As a small marketing agency with a focus on Pinterest, our goal is to drive consistent and targeted traffic to the businesses we work with, every month. We are happy to share with you one success story for one of our clients.

Before more than 6 months, we were contacted by one Etsy shop in the baby niche with a great handmade product, story, quality, and prices! This was a great opportunity to show that Pinterest can be a great source of traffic to every business, but especially in the baby niche. The client has noticed, that is receiving over 600 visits from Pinterest per month, but they didn’t have their own business presence there yet. This was only from the people who have shared on their Pinterest pages the products directly from Etsy! So, this Etsy shop realized that there is a big potential for Pinterest to grow their business, traffic, and sales. The only question was how to make this happens?

Because Pinterest is a collaborative marketing /the sharing is the main rule to success/ and a building platform that grows at a rate of 1% – 3%. This means that every day of progress compounds on the progress from the day before, at a slow and steady pace, just organic. This is not a platform that can drive “magic traffic” overnight, but your level of exposure through Pinterest compared to other platforms is well-worth the wait! Imagine the snow bow effect – if you pin today 5 of your products and share 15 other people products, they may return the favor and re-share 15 of your pins just like you! Then, other people may re-share also these pins and in a few months, all this “re-sharing” will drive you traffic just organic and totally free! Where is the catch? Here is the true – the pinning with no strategy is useless J You should understand how this platform works and test it until finding the right strategy for your business. Because during the last 2 years we have tested so many strategies, that we know now what works best and can save your time!

Let’s see what happened with our client. First, we met this statistic:

This was the traffic before we start work with strategy. The client has received over 600 visits. When we create and manage its own Pinterest business account and strategy, after 6 months consistent daily implementing of our organic strategic plan, we received in 6 months these results:

Facebook traffic is generated using paid advertising, but the Pinterest traffic is totally organic and without paid ads! Here are the results for the last year only for Pinterest traffic source:

As you can see, after 6 months we have almost 3 times higher traffic and of course, this reflects the sales as well!

We totally realize that most business owners have no time to manage by themselves one of the most successful marketing channels as Pinterest effective. And there is no business which, can’t be promoted organic on Pinterest, but you should keep in mind:

  • On visual search engine like Pinterest, the first that the people are seeing are your pictures /pins/. If you don’t have attractive and professional pictures, the people will not be interested in re-share them. All these will reflect the future traffic and you may not see such great results as above;
  • Don’t give it up – the “magical” Pinterest traffic will not start to come in a few months /0 – 3/, it takes consistency and more than 6 months management with a strategy to see the results, if your content is great looking;

We know you are busy with your business and have a limited budget that is why we are trying to offer always the best possible price and help you with professional Pinterest marketing. But do you know that every single day millions of people are looking for items or services like yours to shop on Pinterest? If your business / blog / Etsy shop is not on Pinterest with a strong presence, you are probably missing new opportunities, traffic and sales! Let us help you and contact us here: http://localhost/

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What if you could get your blog or site in front of the eyes of potential fans? What if there was a platform with over 350 million active monthly users that you could show your content / products to? Does this sound awesome to you?

Pinterest is the best tool to use for marketing online. If you pick any social media network to focus all of your marketing on it needs to be Pinterest.

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