How e-commerce sales are driven by Pinterest

If you are an e-commerce online business owner, who is not using Pinterest to drive traffic and sales, this post is for you!

Pinterest is a platform with over 350 million active users, who have the potential to be your buyers. But how?

The first question you should answer by yourself is who is your target audience? Who will be interested to buy your products or services? Knowing exactly who these people are, it is quite simple to create a Pinterest strategy to attract them. All you need to do is to focus your Pinterest content on what your target wants and needs.

Get our free guide to understanding exactly who your target is and how to create Pinterest boards to attract the right people. Because you don’t need useless traffic, right? You need targeted traffic and sales! Pinterest can be a gold mine for your business, but you have to use it with the right strategy. And the strategy starts with the content creation process. Are you ready to take the next step and make Pinterest works for you now?

In the e-commerce world, there are seasons and periods during the year, when people are active and ready to buy – compared to other periods. If you give them exactly what they need in the time they are looking for it– this will explode your sales. So, the second question you need to answer is, when my products have the best chances to reach more sales? This depends on your niche – is it seasonal or maybe your products would be more popular for some holidays during the year? Imagine you are in the wedding niche. This is actually seasonal – most of the weddings are happening during the summer. Knowing this, you can start a sale before the summer and create content on Pinterest before summer about your products and sale, as well as related and popular content from other pinners /not competitors!/, that will be interesting for your target audience. This content can show weddings in different styles coming from popular pins, already published on Pinterest.he key is to have a plan – it is called a marketing strategy and calendar. You will know exactly what to pin and when to pin it and you will have always the best content and your audience will easily engage. The higher engagement of your content will “push up” your pins in the Pinterest algorithm search and a lot of people who are looking for products like yours will see them at the right time! In the result of this strategy, you will have a great chance to receive additional traffic and sales on autopilot!

What if you could get your blog or a site in front of the eyes of potential fans? What if there was a platform with over 250 million active monthly users that you could show your content / products to? Does this sound awesome to you?

Pinterest is the best tool to use for marketing online. If you pick any social media network to focus all of your marketing on it needs to be Pinterest.

Don’t know when to pin your /and the winning!/ content?

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