Pinterest Courses

The completed step by step guide on how to get more free traffic for your site while building a successful Pinterest strategy:

For the last few years, a lot of questions were received by me as a Pinterest strategist about how exactly to use this network as a business in order to get free traffic from it? For all those online businesses that are in need to use it in the right way, I have built an easy-to-implement a successful strategy step by step guide.

What includes this guide?

Pinterest can be the best traffic driven platform for your site and many bloggers and business owners from all kinds of niches have built their audience with a strong presence there! A lot of information on how to use this platform for your business is around the web, but it takes time to sort the one that will work for you! That is why as a strategist helping from years to many bloggers and e-commerce businesses around the world with their internet marketing, I decided to create an easy to understand beginner guide and include here the important things in one place as a step by a step action plan. This strategy is easy to apply and result-driven in almost any niche!

This guide includes all the basics to know when you build your business Pinterest account and a strategy plan on how to use it for traffic. It is 14 pages and it is based on my own experience with Pinterest for business for over 4 years. I don’t know if it something you can find on your own, but it is completed and all in one place. 

Here is what you will learn from this guide – an easy to implement step by step Pinterest strategy:

Step 0: How to create optimized Pinterest content for your business account based on your target audience

Step 1: Pinterest SEO basis – what you need to know about Pinterest SEO and how to implement it easily

Step 2: Perfect Pin design basis – how to create engaged Pinterest images (examples from my customers).

Step 3: The right Pinterest communities of people to target – group boards or Tailwind Tribes?

Step 4: Grow your site traffic, using this Pinterest strategy! – a detailed action plan to execute.

Step 5: Pinterest analytics data to follow and analyze in order to increase your Pinterest engagement.

2021 Update Included in the end of the guide with some current trending tricks to know.

You will have a deeper look at how to build your Pinterest strategy and grow your Pinterest engagement and traffic for your online business, without reading tons of information out there!

I think that following this guide will help you to check if your brand can have success on Pinterest and you will decide is it worth to invest in Pinterest ads as well. As a rule, if your content is performing well organically, you will have good performed Pinterest ads. So, the organic success will help you to see how to continue with Pinterest.

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