5 Tips how to dominate on Pinterest in 2019 and grow your business

Pinterest is a really interesting mix of social network and search engine. It also grows very fast for the last few years and today it counts about 300 million active users. However, the businesses often underestimate it and do not realize its potential. But if you want to dominate over your competition and already have developed a great Pinterest business presence, you should keep in mind a few tendencies in 2019. Keep reading here, if you want to know how to dominate on Pinterest in 2019 and grow your business:

1. SEO, SEO and again SEO! You may know, that as a search engine, Pinterest ranks your pins according to their performance /engagement from the other pinners/. To engage with your pins and reach new audiences, your pins and your account should be 100% SEO friendly. There are few areas that you should SEO optimize – your business name, your bio, your boards’ names, your boards’ descriptions, and your pins descriptions. When you SEO optimize these fields, be sure not only to use the important keywords but also “talk” to your audience. Tell them why are you on Pinterest and how can you respond to their needs?

2. Be active on Pinterest! This means that you should pin every single day, instead of one or two times per week. But be aware of pinning only your own pins again and again, instead of this, don’t forget to share other people’s content. Pinterest at its core is a collaborative network – to get your name out there you have to be actively getting others names out there!

3. Care for your followers! You may hear that the followers are not important on Pinterest. Not exactly! According to the last algorithms, Pinterest encourages your followers to engage with your content, adding the new “following” feed to their home page. When they look at this feed, they will easily find the content from the people that they follow. If they engaged with this content, Pinterest will prioritize this content, giving higher ranking and showing it to the rest of the Pinterest users as “highly engaged” content. All that means, that it is not a good idea just to follow and unfollow the other pinners to grow your account, because you should attract people that will be really interested in your pins. Instead of this, just leave the people to come “organically” and follow you. Having the right people as followers will give you a great advantage, even if they are not so much, instead of having tons of followers, that don’t care for your content. So, the quality is over quantity. Remember, we belong to our followers now!

Get our free guide to understanding exactly who your target is and how to create Pinterest boards to attract the right people. Because you don’t need useless traffic, right? You need targeted traffic and sales! Pinterest can be a gold mine for your business, but you have to use it with the right strategy. And the strategy starts with the content creation process. 

4. Be more social! Okay, I know what you are thinking, as a search engine, how can Pinterest be social in the real meaning? I will tell you – in 2019 Pinterest will test the new feature called “Pinterest Communities”. This is similar to the Facebook groups – people that share similar interests in one place. For example – if you are running a blog about parenting tips, you will have tons of info to share with other people, that are interested to hear from you. Something more, you can be helpful to these people, but also you can pay their attention and attract them to your blog as the perfect organic traffic source, similar to the group boards! To see the communities feed and have access to them, you should be invited. Once you have joined, you can find or even create a community– the only condition is to start a community before someone else created the same!

* Update: Around 6 months after Pinterest started this feature, they announced that they will implement these communities as group boards. So, this feature is not available anymore! Instead of this, I would recommend finding niche Tribes for your business in Tailwind and share other pinners pins, while posting your own content.

5. Use all the opportunities to drive traffic! If you already have developed a Pinterest business account, you know about the great traffic, that can be driven organically. However, this is not all you can take from Pinterest! I am talking about Pinterest paid advertising or the Promoted Pins. If your business operates in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zeeland, United Kingdom, Ireland or France – great! You can have even more traffic to your site, using the paid advertising. Let me tell you the advantages of doing this. Pinterest is a far cheaper ad option than Google or Facebook. Its CPC rates are slowly rising to catch up to them, but Pinterest is still the better bargain for promoting evergreen content. The longevity of content on Pinterest, whether organic or promoted, also far outweighs that of Google and Facebook. With Pinterest advertising, you get free downstream activity like future saves and clicks from promoted pins that are saved during while the ad was running. Pinterest paid advertising combines the best from the way you advertise on Facebook and Google because you can target and retarget audiences, as well as targeting by keywords. Take a look at this opportunity, while it is still very affordable! Not sure how to do it? You can hire us to do it instead of you!

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