Why Bloggers Need Pinterest

For the last 4 years, I have helped many bloggers to build their audience on Pinterest. For more of them, Pinterest is now traffic source number one! Here are my best tips for you! As a blogger, you know that traffic is everything! And Pinterest is a great marketing tool to build your audience for any blog in any niche! The pinners are “hungry” to hear from you! How can you use Pinterest as a number one traffic source to your blog? This post will give you more details.

The first important is your content. Content is king! But not only content quality, the pin quality as well matter. When you use tools like Canva, Pic Monkey or Photoshop, you should use the vertical size and the color palette of your blog /brand/, to make it recognizable. Don’t forget to include strong “call to action” in each pinned image – talk directly to the target audience you want to attract. Include SEO optimized pin description and share your pin. You can create many pins with a different call to action for one blog post, this is a good trick to drive maximum traffic to your old posts as well.

Here is my pro tipdon’t use the same SEO keywords as a description of the different pins – experiment with different keywords to find which one will work best for you!

The second important – do you know that Pinterest allows using directly affiliate links? Yes, not many bloggers know this! You can create a few different pins for one affiliate link to see which one will drive the best results and to drive maximum traffic again.

Pro tipdon’t forget to add hashtags to all your affiliate pins and the hashtag you must have is #afflink in addition to the rest. This is the way you are telling the people that you are using affiliate links.ter having maximum pins for your own content + your affiliate content, my third tip is to promote the best of them. Using paid advertising on Pinterest will drive faster traffic, plus it is still affordable compared to Google or Facebook. Actually, you can hire me to help you with this! Contact me here:

To learn more about Promoted pins read here.

Pro Tip always test the pins you want to promote organic. The pin with the best organic performance will drive you more quality traffic.

Grand pro tip: Always try to deliver the best content to your Pinterest audience. Great way to find the best content is to check the top influence bloggers in your niche and repin their content to your boards. Fun fact: most people on Pinterest are women, interested in things like recipes, fashion, home products and so on. You will want to have their attention, offering them similar content. Subscribe here to receive your free marketing calendar as a Pinterest content planner and you always will know what and when to pin as strategic content to attract a new audience!

What if you could get your blog or site in front of the eyes of potential fans? What if there was a platform with over 250 million active monthly users that you could show your content / products to? Does this sound awesome to you?

Pinterest is the best tool to use for marketing online. If you pick any social media network to focus all of your marketing on it needs to be Pinterest.

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