How to dominate on pinterest in 2020 as a business

How to dominate on Pinterest in 2020 as a business

As a Pinterest marketing manager with over 4 years’ experience and focus Pinterest for online business owners, I can give you my best tips on what you should implement in your Pinterest strategy in 2020 to dominate.

2019 was extremely changing for Pinterest! Are you informed about all the changes and do you know how all this will reflect on you as a business? If not, keep reading here to have the advantage in your Pinterest marketing strategy for your online business!

A First important accent in 2020 on Pinterest is that a lot of popularity is catching the video content on Pinterest, much like YouTube. This is making still no major change in the way Pinterest operates, but it seems that – given the success of YouTube – this will be a big part of its future changes coming. Still, Pinterest is the 3rd largest search engine in the world (after Google and YouTube) and you can expect similarities between them to be seen. Remember when Google introduced the “search-by-picture” mode, which is much like the basic concept of Pinterest.

Also, video content is accepted better due to the lack of anonymity of the content. This is being taken by the users as more trustworthy content and likely to be expanding everywhere.

So, if you want to have an advantage with your strategy, you could brainstorm some ideas of video content around your business and we can discuss how to apply that in the Pinterest strategy.

If you are using Tailwind for Pinterest management, you have now access to Pinterest Video Publishing and easily post your videos directly using this new function on Tailwind. You just will need to enable it.

Second, to keep in mind is that in April 2019 Pinterest become a publically traded company. The most common question which I am receiving consistently after this is “Will Pinterest goes on the way of Facebook and decreases the organic reach forcing us to pay for ads to retain traffic to our sites?”. My short answer to this is – probably yes. But my advice as a Pinterest strategist is to keep trying to drive organic (free) traffic, but just to keep in mind that for the future Pinterest will change its algorithm and prioritizes the paid content. When you see the organic traffic is drastically decreased, you can consider using promoted pins (paid advertising) as part of your Pinterest and internet marketing strategy. I always recommend you should take the maximum from the organic strategy for at least 6 months, before start paying for ads. Also, because Pinterest is a search engine like Google, they will not stop totally the organic traffic (just like Google didn’t stop it), but this means the SEO matters and this should be your accent for the future.

A lot of changes recently are happening with Pinterest and particularly, promoted pins. Basically they have changed and improved their ads model, expecting the advertising to become more popular. During 2019, they were investing heavily in making their advertising platform work for small businesses. They’ve made dramatic improvements to their self-service ads dashboard and added the ability to optimize their campaigns. Subscribe now to my community to be the first who will receive my nest blog post on how to start using promoted pins to advertise on Pinterest right to your mailbox!

The Third advantage in 2020 in your Pinterest strategy will be to add regular fresh content and your priority should be your content mostly. Pinterest likes content creators to be active and consistent by posting fresh new pins. Adding daily new content coming from your confirmed domain is a great strategy to grow your impact totally organic.

Combining the 3 top tips – start using video content, start promoting some of your best organic performed pins and adding regular fresh new content, you will have the chance to force your Pinterest marketing strategy and grow your business presence fast in 2020! But I am expecting the next huge changes in the next months because obviously they are working hard to update Pinterest as never before!

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