How to create Pinterest strategy to drive organic traffic

As a small agency with a focus on Pinterest, most of our clients often are coming to us with the question: “How can we start with Pinterest to drive traffic organic?”. Most of them are coming from Facebook looking for more affordable ads to start with an alternative source of traffic. This is possible, but the fun part is, that the people’s expectation is that Pinterest can drive traffic as the other social media – using mostly paid ads. Not exactly! The great about Pinterest is that actually, it drives traffic on autopilot and totally organic! Your pins are live forever and they will drive traffic for years forward. Where is the catch? It takes time – 6 + months of consistent management with strategy, but the waiting is worthy! Keep reading here if you want to learn how to create Pinterest strategy to drive organic traffic to your site or blog!

Unlike the rest social media, on Pinterest, you are not limited by your followers, because Pinterest is more like Google /search engine/. Few things matter when you start using the organic strategy to drive traffic to your site/blog.

Absolutely necessary is to create a business account. It is easy and you will have access to the Pinterest analytics data, which is so important to read carefully! You also should fix your SEO – your business name should include popular keywords.

Once you have a business account, you can start creating your content as boards. As you maybe are hearing – Content is King! You will need to create boards with your content directly from your website and boards with strategic content as well. The most people blood their Pinterest only with their pins and this is a big No – No! Pinterest is collaborative – if you want the other pinners to save your pins, you should save their before. This is the rule number one if you don’t want to be rejected as spam.

What do all these mean? For example – if you have a brand for baby blankets, you should create a board with your products and a few boards with products related to yours, but not exactly as them. These boards can be “Parenting Tips”, “Nursery Room”, “Baby Shower” and so on. This is called “strategic content”. It has to attract your target audience. And once you know who your target is, you will know how to create this strategic content. Think instead of your targeted clients – what they will want to see in your account? What problems do they have? What solutions can we provide them? Maybe they need ideas on how to decorate nursery room or are looking for baby shower gift ideas?

Get our free guide to understanding exactly who your target is and how to create Pinterest boards to attract the right people. Because you don’t need useless traffic, right? You need targeted traffic and sales! Pinterest can be a gold mine for your business, but you have to use it with the right strategy. And the strategy starts with the content creation process. The strategic content has one more function /except to attract your audience/. As a new account, you will need to be “rated” by Pinterest. But your pins are totally new – Pinterest doesn’t know if the people will like them and engage with them. Your pins will be automatically rated as zero ranks. To create balance, your strategic content must be “high quality” or highly engaged. If we use the same example about the baby blankets, your pins for the strategic boards have to be pinned, which are highly ranked by Pinterest and their users.

Here is the next question – how to find these high-quality pins? Just use the search bar and write what you are looking for. Usually, the first pins are the most engaged pins. Pinterest prioritizes the best pins by searching and this is the easiest way to find the best strategic content for your strategic boards. So, having these highly engaged pins with your new pins, your account will be balanced and your pins will start to receive a better ranking because will come from an account with great balanced content.

Another great idea is to find and join group boards in your niche. The group boards are boards, where people are sharing their pins in front of a new audience. The same rule is valid – you should share other pinners pins and add yours to the group boards as well.

When you have an SEO optimized account, your content /yours and strategic/ + group boards, you are ready to start using the organic strategy. Here is how:

  • Pin every single day your pins in your boards and in the group boards. Be consistent! If you stop pinning just a few days or weeks, your results will drop very fast;
  • Avoid adding the same pin more than 2 times at the same time – this is a sign for spam and on Pinterest spam is a huge problem. Your account can be suspended for spam, so be careful and pin different pins at the same time;
  • Repin strategic pins in your boards, created to attract your target;
  • Optimize for SEO your pins, using important keywords in your business name, your board’s name, and your pins descriptions.

Basically, this is what we do when we manage the Pinterest accounts of our clients daily with the organic strategy. Of course, there are many other things that matter, but this is a great start to use Pinterest by you!

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